Recycling Superstar Program

Gold Box Recycling

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Are you a Recycling Superstar?  Register to win a Gold Recycling Box!

Do you sort your recycling correctly, use your compost bin for your food and yard waste and minimize your garbage?

We are rewarding residents of the Fundy Region with Gold Recycling Boxes that proclaim that you are a Recycling Superstar. 

Register your address and we could audit your street on collection day and reward residents who demonstrate their commitment to reducing waste.

Winning a Recycling Superstar Box is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Register your address for a waste audit.
  2. Follow your normal routine placing your Compost cart and garbage at the curb on collection day. For residents with curbside recycling, have your two recycling boxes out as well.
  3. Limit your garbage to two or less bags for each week (For example bi-weekly collection would be 4 bags or less)

Waste Audit

How the audit works. We randomly select registered addresses and on Collection Day:

  • We will look in your compost bin to ensure it contains food waste
  • We will check for a maximum of two garbage bags per week
  • If you have curbside recycling, we will visually inspect your recycle boxes to ensure they are properly sorted.

All households audited will receive feedback on how they did.  We will leave helpful Recycling & Compost hints if you need them, and a Gold, Superstar Recycling Box, if you qualify! 

Program running June to August 31, 2023. Look for us again in summer 2024.  Register now!

 Need some help to become a Recycling Superstar?